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    11g RAC - RAW Devices Configuration


      Please let me know if there is a difference in the configuration of RAW Devices for 11g RAC compared to 10g.
      For Eg in 10g we would have seperate RAW Devices for OCR,Voting Disk,ASM spfile,Database files and Archive Log files.

      Please let me know if the RAW Devices configuration in 11g is different than in 10g.

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          Sebastian Solbach -Database Community-Oracle

          first of all with 11.2. direct using RAW devices is not supported anymore. However you can use RAW devices below ASM. So if you use ASM for datafiles, archivelogs etc, then the ASM disks can be RAW devices.
          Second: A general comment on RAW devices under Linux. RAW devices under Linux have been deprecated (I believe with RHEL 5.3), so I recommend using block devices directly (which is possible since

          No to your question:
          With 11gR1 the configuration of RAW devices has not changed.
          With 11gR2 the configuration has changed. See Grid Infrastructure Installation Guide for further and exact information (about setup, user rights etc).