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    SGD 4.60 LDAP/Active Directory Username Login

      I upgrade the array to new SGD 4.60 and noticed that the LDAP authentication against active directory NO LONGER allows user to login with just their username. Instead they have to login with the Display Name (typically First Last Name).

      This is a deal breaker! The users need to be able to login with only their username just like they were able to on SGD 4.5.

      Luckily I had a snapshot of the SGD 4.5 server I upgraded and was able to revert back.

      Please advise how to enable username login via LDAP.

      P.S. Searching the forums and blogs I found reference to try this:

      tarantella config edit \
      --com.sco.tta.server.login.ldap.LdapLoginAuthority.properties-searchFilter \

      Unfortunately this did not work.