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    New Install - web browser?

    Daniel L Williams
      I just installed OEL6 on a VirtualBox. Itis running the desktop, but it seems there is no browser installed.
      Is there some kind of package manage for OEL6? I'm coming from Windows, so not sure how to do this.

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          You didn't install the desktop packages. Visit http://public-yum.oracle.com, follow the directions to define a repository pointing to that site, and then download whatever you wish. If you missed large numbers of packages, try installing a whole package group at once:
          # yum grouplist
          GNOME Desktop Environment
          # yum groupinstall 'GNOME Desktop Environment'
          The list of available package groups may vary between releases.
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            Oracle Linux 6, like RHEL 6 seems to install a browser called Konqueror, which you should find in the Applications - Internet menu. The Globe icon in the menu bar point's to Firefox, which does not seem to be installed by default, although I think I selected the Gnome Desktop at install.

            Anyway, Firefox if you prefer, is easy to install once you setup yum package manager. Oracle provides public yum access if you simply follow the instructions at http://public-yum.oracle.com Don't forget to edit the file enable the repository for OL6.

            Then as root or user type: sudo yum install firefox