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    4.6 JServer crash

      Had a few servers give a similar error about JServer crashing. Here is one logfile:

      *2011/04/14 11:48:19.887 (pid 18947) server/printing/error #1302799699887*
      Oracle Secure Global Desktop (4.6) ERROR:

      The native process couldn't write to the Java process.

      Jobs will not print.

      Restart the server.

      When this happened, the server lost connections with the others and dropped from the array. Anyone seen this before?
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          proxy15936_error.log: 2011/04/20 13:45:16.500 proxy/server #0
          Oracle Secure Global Desktop (4.6) FATAL ERROR:
          The program has encountered an error that means it cannot continue.
          It will now exit. A technical description is given below to help
          establish the cause.

          JServer has exited. PID: 15942; Exit code: 0; Signal: 9.

          This is not a normal exit.

          Kill remaining Secure Global Desktop processes and start the server.
          2011/04/20 13:45:16.506 proxy/server #2
          Oracle Secure Global Desktop(4.6) ERROR:

          JServer shut down after 1726256 seconds on exit code 0 and signal number 9.
          Proxy will attempt to restart.

          Secure Global Desktop services are temporarily unavailable.

          Services will be restored when the JServer restarts.