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    Solaris install issues on U-AXi 501-4559 main board

      I have a U-AXi Raptor 501-4559 mainboard with UltraSparc IIi processor. SCSI hard drive and CD. One floppy drive that is not SCSI. The video card is TechSource Raptor GFX. My issue is that I have had it for 5 years and had the 'limited updates' from the original Solaris 10 software install. When Oracle bought Sun, my updates stopped. I have been unable to find a way to continue the updates without buying the very expensive packages they offer for big business. This is a 'home server' that I bought mostly for learning purposes and don't want to spend a LOT of money on it. I thought I might just download and install the latest version of Sol 10 and see if they had another 'limited updates' option in it since it contains some linux software (OpenSolaris). I assume the new Sol 10 DVD is the open version. It's free. Anyway, it is on DVD. My system only has a cd and I can't find any options for downloading that DVD in cd format. I don't have a 'jumpstart' server and don't want to spend the money buying another computer to set up as jumpstart server. Anyone have any suggestions how to obtain CDs of the latest Sol 10 for sparc? I don't have a way to connect a computer to the serial port to do it that way. I do have a linux computer on an internal lan that could be accessed by setting the address in nvram on the sparc if someone knows of a document on how to do it that way.

      Thanks for any help you may offer.