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    How to set encoding in Apex Listener

      Our database has charset AL32UTF8. We want to make the encoding of HTML pages has been Windows-1251 (cl8mswin1521). In the case of OHS, this was solved by installing PlsqlNLSLanguage = RUSSIAN_CIS.CL8MSWIN1251. How to be the case with Apex Listener (GlassFish 3.0), preceded by Apache (mod_jk)?

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          as far as I know, the APEX Listener is bound to UTF-8. If I understand its deployment structure right, you'd need to change a lot to support multiple charsets.
          I'm just wondering why you would not want to stay with UTF-8, as it contains all characters available in character set CP 1251.

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            With a WE8MSWIN1252 (or comparable charset) database, fronted by APEX listener, and the absense of NVARCHAR2 support in APEX, is there an option to build an APEX application supporting UTF-8 characters anyway, without converting the whole database to UTF-8?

            As "Application Builder User’s Guide" is quite tight-lipped when it comes to UTF-8 support, can somebody recommend an APEX FAQ concerning UTF-8 support in APEX?

            Thanks and regards, Tom
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              Hello Tom,

              this thread has been abandoned two years ago by the OP, and it also seems to be headed a bit different than your request. So please open a new thread for your question.