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    What kind of cell library does opensparc T1 verilog code use?

      Hi all

      I am running simulations on the instruction fetching unit module of opensparc T1 recently, when I tried to simulate the module with VCS from (synopsys), it has some errors below

      Error-[URMI] Instances with unresolved modules remain in the design.
      Invalid instantiation at: "sparc_ifu_fcl.v", 1022: dffrl_async rstff(
      .din(grst_l), .q(fcl_reset_l), .clk(clk), .se(se),
      Invalid instantiation at: "sparc_ifu_fcl.v", 1035: dff_s #(4) real_reg(
      .din(lsu_ifu_addr_real_l), .q(itlb_addr_real_l), .clk(clk),

      Invalid instantiation at: "sparc_ifu_fcl.v", 1051: dff_s #(4) xlate_reg(
      .din(xlate_en), .q(xlate_en_d1), .clk(clk), .se(se));

      Invalid instantiation at: "sparc_ifu_fcl.v", 1077: mux3ds creal_mx(
      .dout(fcl_itlb_cam_real_bf), .in0(sw_itlb_real),
      .in1(this_itlb_real), .in2(tlu_fc ...

      It seems like some modules like mux3ds or dff_s #(4), I am using NangateOpenCellLibrary_PDKv1_3_v2009_07/verilog/NangateOpenCellLibrary_typical_conditional.v as library files.
      But it does not hve descriptions to modules like mux3ds or dff_s #(4).

      Does anyone know what kind of cell library that opensparc T1 use to define those modules?