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    How to become a Oracle professional?

      Hello Everyone,

      I am an IT engineer with 5 years of experience in Java programming (client side) and Weblogic server. I am not completely satisfied with my work because my area of interest is in Oracle technologies.
      Can you please suggest me how i can get into Oracle now, which certification is best for my carrier growth. How soon i can change my technology. I have very little knowledge of BRM and R12 since the client applications i am working on is communicating to these databases. Is there any way for me to get into E-Business Suite or Oracle communications?

      Thank you.

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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
          Please see old threads for similar discussion.

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            Recruiters Might not be Technical
            Before a Technical person reviews your resume, it first must pass HR. Using online sites like, CareerBuilder or HotJobs, will cause HR Headhunters to look for you. Many HR Headhunters are not too Savvy with knowing what your certifications mean. When they skim your resume, they may be looking for, "SQL, RDBMS, Oracle" and other keywords. Preparing for Oracle certifications are excellent tools in learning how to use the technologies, but they can be very expensive and time consuming.

            You mentioned that you want results quickly. Here is a quick resume builder that you can probably do in 1-8 hours. Why not document your existing skills with certifications? As you take these open book tests, you can search for answers and learn more. What you learn in these quick tests, will probably help you with Oracle certifications, down the road.

            Prep Exams (at the time of this post, the following exams are free):
            SQL ANSI Fundamentals

            Prep (if needed)

            Unix Administration Remember, many oracle applications run on Solaris or other Unix platforms

            RDBMS Concepts

            Additional, Tests (including Oracle branded exams)
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              Thank you Hussein.