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    On Track with Siebel On Premise?

      Can On Track work with Siebel ON Premise? I expect I know the answer to this but I am looking for confirmation. I have a customer that would like to consider upgrading Siebel on premise, but wants "chatter-like" functionality.

      If the answer happens to be "yes", then where can I find more info or a demo?


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          Yes On Track can work with Siebel On Premise. Using the Web Object framework the integration allows Conversations to be created in context of a Siebel Object - Account, Opportunity, SR etc. - and then recalled from that context i.e. see all Conversations related to an Account. On Track Conversations are then accessible from within Siebel and On Track's web, Outlook and mobile clients.

          There is a pre-req that that customer is using a version of Siebel (8.1) which supports IE8 as On Track is not supported with IE7 or below.

          If you would like to contact me directly I can arrange a demo or if you have internal Oracle access then we have a demo video - let me know.



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