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    Address Book Security

      I'm sure that this isn't a new issue, I just cannot find a solution, and security for E1 is somewhat new to me.

      I'm trying to work with address book security. Security exists on the main AB application, but there are additional
      'applications' that are a spin-off to the AB (form exit), such as with who's who information.

      The use case is such that there is a sales agent who can update address book records for homeowners. That same sales agent should not
      have access to change a vendor account. The row security in place does not extend to the who's who application.

      This becomes an issue when working with 1099 contact information including the address of the vendor. The sales
      agent should not be able to change this information.

      Has anyone set up a security solution for this case?

      One possible solution was to set up versions of the AB, but this is quite time consuming.