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    Pricing in Service Contracts


      We are on and implemented Service Contracts.

      Users have requirement wherein the price of the service item on the contract is fixed irrespective of the number of products added to the contract.

      Contract Duration: 3 yr
      Paid in Full, One payment, one -to- All Installed Base Instances
      Price= $1000

      Contract Duration: 3yr
      Paid Yearly, 3 payments, one -to- All IB Instances
      Price = $1100

      As you see the price varies by the no of payments and contract duration.

      Can this be achieved using seeded functionality ? (we have advanced pricing too)
      If custom then how would we go about it ?

      We added the service item into the price list but what happens is the price is multiplied by the no of IB instances we add on the contract.

      Thanks in Advance
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          To my knowledge we do not have any functionality to vary a price depending on the payment type and contract duration.
          Price can be fixed or varied based upon the quantity using price breaks.
          For ex price can be defined like in advanced pricing in this way.
          for quantity 0 to 10000000000 price is $10 and the pricing type need to mention as "Range".

          This can help you to some extent.