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    vrtee.xml Missing

      Installed EC and PC on their own dedicated Sparc hardware, installed an agent on a test Sparc box.
      The update jobs is grayed out.
      OCDoctor.sh --troubleshoot says:
      WARNING: pkg_seeker.sh did not find vtree.xml - maybe content was not downloaded yet?

      Oracle says this is a firewall issue, we have opened and tested the ports required 8002,8004,21165

      Anyone seen this issue before?

      All 3 agents have the issue. Agent on EC/PC and test box.
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          Yes,, I have 2 host, Same issue, I did a manual installation anv configuration.. Takes ages to start the agent, And it seems that they communicate with each other, But in EC it listed under Available to be manage..
          I have this vtree.xml issue when I run the OCDoc as well.. And for me there is no firewall between agent/proxy/ec..
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            i got this problem also in two servers.
            is there any solution for this ? ...