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    How does a RECOVER using BACKUP CONTROLFILE know the exact LOG SEQUENCE no

      I am doing the following process to make a database clone from a hot backup. Pretty standard stuff.

      1) copy all the datafiles (inconsistent) from the hotbackup to the destination host
      2) recreate controlfile using CREATE CONTROLFILE command
      3) recover database until cancel using backup controlfile

      Oracle promptly asks for the exact log sequence number needed for the recovery. Lets say sequence #17 is the first log sequence it requires during the recovery.

      My question is HOW does the recovery process know the exact log sequence number ? I understand that controlfile contains a record of the archive log history. But my controlfile is a newly recreated controlfile (which means it has no prior history of archived log files in the controlfile)

      This is a basic part of the Oracle backup and recovery. But wondering what happens behind the scenes in this regard.

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