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    OEPE installation on Windows 7 64 bit OS

      Hi All,
      I am unable to install OEPE on Windows 7 64 bit on platform. I tried the following steps

      1) Install WebLogic+Coherence generic jar
      2) Install SOA Suite software

      Next I downloaded the oepe-helios-win64.zip and unzipped into the Middleware home as suggested. The oepe parent directory resides in same directory as the coherence and other directories Then I try to install osb generic jar and it fails in the step OEPE home, somehow does not seem to be valid and cannot proceed.

      Also, I saw some rrecommendation for generic installation on 64-bit to choose customize and deselect oepe. Does this mean OEPE is not supported in Windows 7 64-bit? What to do.