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    Email notification in SOA 11g

      Hi All,
      Presently i am faced with an issue....
      I have configured my SOA 11g properly to send across a mail , i am able to perform this function , its just that i need to pass the body as an xml value being created by an xpath expression.
      I have tried to use functions... tocdata(), getcontentasstring().
      The maximum i see is that my message gets picked up properly but i am not able to preserve its xml format its get shown in plain text or string format.
      Thanks in Advance for any suggestions and answers
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          Before anyone answers i am happy to tell that i have found out the solution.
          The mime type which i was working over was of text/html format , thus even as i used the function get-content-as-string() the values which i used to receive had xml tags and got interpretted due to html in a different format.
          The simple solution which i tried and tested was that i used text/plain for reading the body part.