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    Application Integration through Web Service or data integration

      Hi all,I am construct a portal site,user search various business-info in portal and may do some business-operation(for example: ask for leave ),the portal need integrate with many backend business-system,*And the portal must be very robust and high concurrency.* My issue is how the portal integate with the backend business-system? The good method is through web service: backend system provide web services and portal consume these web services. But I can not ensure these backend system is robust(especially in high concurrency access,some of these backend system run in poor PC server). The optional solution is through Data Integration(Oracle ODI): create own-table in portal,and transport and sync data from backend system's database. this can ensure portal is robust and high concurrency,but this solution result in tight-coupling between portal and backend-system (data structure is unstable).and need much dirty hard-trivial working.

      So,How can I do ? please give me some advice. Thanks.