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    Call BPEL from BPM 11g

      How to call BPEL process from BPM process in 11g? Please help!!!
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          This is fairly simple.

          Go to the composite view of a BPM project and create a BPEL process.

          A BPEL process in SOA suite is again a composite service that can be invoked through a Service Task in BPM.

          You can see a sample here

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            Thanks for your reply. But I have the BPEL process in different project. So I am unable to access it from the BPM process by using the service activity. After deployment I got the BPEL process WSDL. Now I need to invoke that WSDL from my BPM process. How to do that?
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              You can create a Web Service Adapter in your composite to reference the service from another business process.

              After, in another bpm porject, you use Service Activity to reference it.


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                Thanks a lot..its working now..
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                  This is quite an old thread but does anyone knows about a way to do that without having to define a Webservice reference in the middle. it seems to be a pitty to add this overhead just to be able to call processes that are in other project and finally live on the same SOA server.

                  I have the feeling that inter process call / signal management is well supported when you have everything in the same JDEV project but as far as I have seen it does not seem to be really the best in terms of composite life-cycle management (that should be able to evolve independently). Does anyone has some explanation about this design ?
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                    Sudipto Desmukh
                    @829406 - You will hardly get any replies on such an old post .. always better to create your own post alongwith the Jdev version you use since new features are added with every release.
                    Also try posting on the SOA Forum which seems to be more active.