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    BerkeleyDB Je 4.0.90 to 4.1.7 update yields to increased put latency

      Hey guys, as you may know, we (LinkedIn) are using BerkeleyDB Je as the data layer for Project Voldemort, a distributed key-value store (note: we are not using BDB-HA/Replication features). Recently, we've upgraded the version of BerkeleyDB used by Voldemort from 4.0.90 to 4.1.7. The get latency didn't change, but we've noticed an increase in put latency.

      We've observed this issue on multiple nodes.

      You can see a graph of this behaviour here: http://behemoth.strlen.net/~alex/bdb417_latency.png

      1) We upgraded to bdb4.1.7 on the node indicated by a green line, and as you can see latency rose
      2) We downgraded bdb to 4.0.90, latency dropped back down.
      3) We upgraded to bdb 4.1.7 on another node (blue line), the latency rose again
      4) We downgraded the node indicated by the blue line again, the latency dropped yet again

      Has anyone else observed this behaviour?

      - Alex