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    Query regarding Position Hierarchy

    Sanjay Desai EBS

      My question is related to Position Hierarchy.
      For example, following is the position hierarchy.

      Person1 ( PO Approval Limit = No Limit )
      |_______ Person 2 ( PO Approval Limit = 1 Crore ) .

      Now, PO is in the notification summary of Person 2 with PO Value = 50 Lacs.

      Now, Person2 do not want to approve the PO but want to forward to Person 1 .

      Now Person2 is not giving "Forward-To" and clicking the "APPROVE & FORWARD" button in notfication summary , it giving an error : Standard Purchase order was sent to an invalid forward-to person

      Now, I want to know that is it require to specify the Employee name for "Forward To " ?

      Is it not possible to forward the PO to person1 without specifying "Forward To " becuase we have defined Person2 is the subordinate of Person1 in position hierarchy.

      please help to clear my confusion.

      Thanks & regards
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          Anil Aadimulam-Oracle
          HI Sanjay,

          Forward To functionality is used to get approval from a person who is either out side of approval hierarchy or some times to a person who is withing hierarchy too.
          Person name is required for using Forward/Approve and Forward for system to know whom you need approval from.

          Ex : P1 has Approval limit $10,000, P2 has Approal limit $100,000 and P3 has Approval limit of $99,000,000
          In this case , lets assume there is a PO for $15,000, reached P2 for approval.
          We know that when P2 approves it, because of approval limit it gets approved at his level, in case if P2 wants this PO should also need approval from P3, he need to select P3 and do Approve and Forward ( this means P2 is approving it and requesting P3 to have final approval ).
          Lets say there is another Person P4 who is not in hierarchy ( ex : P4 is Technical Manager of the material requested ), if you P2 feels this PO Should be approved by P4, he can do Approve and Forward and select P4.

          Hope this helps.

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            Sanjay Desai EBS
            Hi Anil,

            Thanks for reply ...

            Now, as per your exmple P3 is in position hierarchy and P2 is his subordinate.
            Still , is it require to select the person named P3 when P2 click the "approve & forward" button.

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              Anil Aadimulam-Oracle
              Yes, you need to select if you need explicit approval from P3.