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    Experience with feeding to Taxware

      Just wondering what your experience has been with feeding R12 to Taxware. We are on 11i10 and use two iProcurement DFFs for (a) the mode of use of the requested item and (b) actual tax code. This information is fed to Taxware to compute the tax to be paid or claimed. We are considering our alternatives with R12. These DFFs introduce data integrity issues as requestors occasionally forget or are unsure re: the item mode of use.

      Your thoughts are most welcome. Please note most of the items being requested through iProc are expense items.

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          Hi Sanjeeb,
          You must be aware in R12, the tax calculation is based on e-tax (e-Business tax module) where as in 11i we normally defined the tax rule in each module (PO, AP etc..). In R12, Oracle has given a different flavor to tax by separating it from the conventional 11i approach.

          By using Supplier or Supplier site your tax can be calculated in iprocurement for expense items by seting up e-tax.

          Let us know if you are using vertex tax engine along with 11i for your tax calculation.

          S.P DASH
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            Thanks for your update.

            We are using ADP Taxware and not solutions from Vertex. With our upcoming R12.1.3 upgrade, data will automatically be transformed into the E-Business Tax schema. What we have now are tax codes defaulting from the item master when a requisition is created in Oracle. This works fine till the item is used differently or in many states. We are looking for alternatives that help us get the tax code based on the State the requisition is being created in. I guess we could use E-Business Tax with 70% of the layered rules in Taxware.

            I thought I'd use this Forum to find what customers on both EBS and Taxware have done.


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              We will use Purchasing Categories as our Tax Categories to feed Taxware.