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    Creating Policy Within OpenSSO for Salesforce Integration

      Hi All,

      I have successfully integrated Salesforce and OpenSSO.

      If I want to restrict the access to Sales Force Link based on some policy in SSO. Is it possible?

      For Example:

      I have a j2ee application called IDM. I can write a policy in OpenSSO and have all the users who belong to the group 'customers' alone to have access to the IDM.
      So I enforce a URL_POLICY and for any request which has /idm I allow only the users who belong to 'customers' group to access the IDM application. Any other user after logging in it will display 403 forbidden message.

      Is it possible to acheieve similar behavior for OpenSSO and Salesforce integration.

      Appreciate all your help and I would be more than happy to provide additional information if needed.