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    expdp error ORA-01555: snapshot too old

      Hi All -

      I've read many forum entries on this, but so far I've been unable to solve my problem. Running on Windows 2003 Server, Oracle 11g

      I'm trying to do an expdp of my entire database. The only process that is running is the expdp. I have shut down all user applications that make connections to the database. There's nothing writing to this table, and nothing reading from it aside from expdp.

      . . exported "HDB_MAIN"."WAVEFORM0" 64.64 GB 1811611 rows
      ORA-31693: Table data object "USERNAME"."WAVEFORM2" failed to load/unload and is being skipped due to error:
      ORA-02354: error in exporting/importing data
      ORA-01555: snapshot too old: rollback segment number 1 with name "_SYSSMU1_1193973708$" too small

      SQL> show parameter undo;

      ------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
      undo_management string AUTO
      undo_retention integer 9000
      undo_tablespace string UNDOTBS1

      SQL> select sum(bytes) from user_segments where segment_name = 'WAVEFORM2';

      7.7513E+10 # this is about 72GB, the largest table in the database

      I increased undo_retention from 900 to 9000, but that didn't make any difference. Since undo_management is AUTO, I don't have control over actually allocating more space to the undo segments, right?

      (I've been a DBA before, but less experience with Oracle... )

      A few "For what it's worth" items:
      the final output file was 328gb without WAVEFORM2. Still 193gb free on target drive after the 328gb output file has been saved there.
      oradata takes 946gb
      disk free space 42.6gb on oradata drive

      Any ideas on what I could look at next?