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    How To Install Multiple OBIEE Instances On One Linux Machine

    user393338 - oracle

      OS: Red Hat ES 5.2

      OBIEE :

      We one development server(Linux) where one OBIEE was installed with os user as 'ora1a' (Deployed on Oracle Application Server

      and now I have installed OBIEE on same Linux Server with different user(ora2b) and different mount point (Deployed on Another Oracle Application Server )

      But My OBIEE was not working and I came to know that only one can be working by default.

      After following few notes i have update NQSConfig.inc and odbc.ini with different ports ie from 9704 to 9725 and bounced BI server and presentation server

      But still its not working can any one tell me what are all needs to update to make it work

      Thanks in advance

      Bhanu Chander

      Reference's i used: HOW TO: Install Multiple OBIEE Instances On One UNIX Machine          (Doc ID 605582.1)