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    Use Primavera on a domain

      I've installed P6 on my computer and it works well localy. I want to use it on a domain. I've restored the pmdb$primavera database on the server and want to connect from primavera to the sql on the server. In the database configoration form I fill the Host name as server[the name of the server] and the database name as pmdb$primavera, but I can't login by niether of pubuser nor server username and password.
      the following error occurs:

      Bad private user name or password. Check the public group ID. Database Server Error: Login failed for user 'privuser'. Reason: The password of the account must be changed.

      Please provide me your prompt response
      and best possible way on achieving this target.
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          Check to make sure that the "privuser" and "pubuser" database users exist on the SQL server.

          Then execute the below sql statements:

          EXEC sp_change_users_login 'Update_One', 'pubuser', 'pubuser'
          EXEC sp_change_users_login 'Update_One', 'privuser', 'privuser'

          If you are still receiving an error post it back here.
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            I did it, but still doesn't work... is there any configuration I should set to have remote connection from primavera to the server?
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              Try to use dbconfig.exe : administration / reconfigure privileged user /... Go through all the steps and retry to connect with public user.
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                Try connecting from the command line of the client PC to see if you can access the SQL Server directly.

                osql -U privuser -P <password> -S <server>\<instance> -d <database>

                For example: using the above format the string to connect to my stand-alone database would be:
                osql -U privuser -P privuser -S cruz878\primavera -d pmdb
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                  Thanks for your guid, but I should mention that I can connect locally to the sql on my PC. The problem is that the primavera can't Connect to the sql on the server . Though I can directly connect to the server but primavera can't.
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                    When you say "I can directly connect to the server", do you mean you can connect to the sql server via osql at the command line of the client PC that is unable to access your enterprise P6 database?
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                      My sql server is express which is installed by primavera and doesn’t recognize the osql command. But from another PC which has sql server and no primavera, I could connect to server with osql. What should I do now?
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                        Sorry, for some reason I thought express still granted you access to OSQL.

                        As you can login via OSQL it sounds as though the database is up, running, and accessible.

                        As previously suggested, try running dbconfig.exe and selecting the following:
                        -Administration Tasks (licenses, passwords, etc.)
                        -Administer Private database logins
                        -Project Management (your DB alias)
                        -Provide the username and password for the privileged user account (privuser is the default)
                        -Public Group Id should be "1" for a standard install. Private DB Username should be "privuser" by default. Delete **** from the Password field and replace with your password.

                        If after doing this you are still receiving the same error I would recommend you try what is stated in the error, change the password and then reset the stored private database login using the above steps.
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                          Thanks a lot for your guide, I finally could connect, but after running the primavera the session started doesn’t close when closing the program .So when I want to run the program another time I get the message that this user is already login try another username. How can I close the session after closing primavera.
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                            Closing out of the application via File>Exit or clicking the "X" in the upper right-hand corner should terminate your session.

                            Occasionally the application crashes and leaves behind the session. When this happens you can run the following to delete all sessions:

                            DELETE FROM usession;

                            Or to delete a specific session rather than all:

                            DELETE FROM usession WHERE user_id = (SELECT user_id from users where user_name = 'your_username');

                            If this happens every single time you connect and disconnect then something is still wrong with your installation.
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                              Thanks a lot for your guid... :)
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                                i did the above method to delete the data from usession and other tables ,.. it get login first time but when i try second time it show the same error that ur user is already login
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                                  you need to make sure the background jobs are running. Are you using a full version of MSSQL server, or SQL Express? If using full MSSQL make sure the SQL Server agent is running. If using MSSQL Express did you install the Primavera background agent?

                                  Once the agent is running and configured, you can reinitialize the background job as following:

                                  EXEC initialize_background_procs
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                                    Hi, please can you advise me. I have a sql database that was created locally and then restored to a domain, im getting the same error. I read about "orphan users" being created after restoring to a diverent server. Please advise me on a solution. daniegloy@gmail.com

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