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    oracle 11R2 replication set up

      Hi all,

      I am new to oracle 11i and would like some thoughts on the implementing oracle replication.

      I am planning to install Oracle 11R2 64 bit on windows 2008 64 bit. We will have another server in other location. How can i set up replication between two server..

      what i need to set up on both server?

      Please guide or any good doc would be helpful

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          You need to install GoldenGate on both servers and start Golden Gate manager process on both the server. To set up replication, on your source server create extract process and on your target server created replicat process and start these processes... replication done.

          For documents, search on oracle.com.
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            Telling someone they "need" to install an expensive product is bad advice. Although your one over the world view of setting up GoldenGate is technically accurate, it also leaves out quite a bit, using a data pump, as an example.

            For the OP:
            Do you really mean 11i, as in E-Business Suite, or did you mean 11g, as in the RDBMS?

            Your choices are:
            Use what you've already paid for - Oracle Streams
            License another Oracle product - GoldenGate
            Buy a third party tool - Quest Shareplex, as an example
            Do your own replication - materialized views, triggers, database links, and so on.