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    Content Basket Customization


      We are using Content Basket Component and trying to customize it.

      We want to show some more metadata information along with the default information.

      We made the changes to contentbasket_resource.htm but no success.

      So, along with dDocName, Native File, ID, Revision, Can we show some more metadata information in Content Basket.

      Any help will be appreciated.

      Neeraj Parikh
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          What additional fields are you trying to display? Certain fields like dDocType are easily available in the existing data result set, if you want to display some of your custom fields you will have to query for them separately. You can see the list of available fields by looking at the user's content_basket.hda file located in the {ucm}/data/users/profiles/{firstChars}/{userName} folder. For reference: on my local instance I have the following fields available (plus a couple that you probably don't care about).

          Hope that helps,
          Tim Otremba
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            Thanks alot for your reply.

            We are trying to show some custom fields in content basket for eg - xCaseNumber, xComments.

            How to query those items and what changes needs to be made?

            Did you show custom fields in your content basket ?

            Also, I cannot find content_basket.hda at the path you specified.

            I can see ContentBasket.hda inside <servername>oracle\sandbox\custom\ContentBasket. Is this the one you are reffering ?

            Please advise.

            Neeraj Parikh
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              You'll have to do a separate query for the custom fields. You can either do it the simple way by just doing a <$executeService("DOC_INFO_SIMPLE")$> for each document in the content basket result set. Otherwise, you can make the code a little smarter and create your own service that gets the metadata you need with a single query. It is a little more work, but it will be more efficient.

              Note: I just looked at that piece of code and there might be something you can do with the line <$exec cpdLoadExtraFormFields("CpdExtraFormFields")$>, but I haven't dug into that yet.

              Also, the content_basket.hda file should be in the user's folder. It will only show up if that user actually has an active content basket, but I just confirmed that it shows up in that location on 7.5, 10g, and 11g. The file that you are looking at is a completely different file that defines the component itself.

              Hope that helps,
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                You just have to follow these steps:

                1 - Creation CUSTOM COMPONENT
                2 - Create QUERY custom resource inside this component (select dID, xField1, xField2 FROM DOCMETA where dID like ?)
                3 - Create SERVICE custom resource to call this query (GET_MORE_DOC_INFO)
                4 - Call <$executeService("GET_MORE_DOC_INFO")$> and use <$xField1$> or <$xField2$> in your idoc script.

                I hope it will be helpfull.