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    Can I use APEX directly read/sync with the Oracle Tables ?

      We have a Oracle Database to manage the design data.I am trying to setup a web-based front end using APEX to manage & monitor the parts ordering & logisitics.I want to drive the master data directly from the database without any export or data transfer ? Can I directly read or Link an Oracle tables from APEX application.

      Also,once this is setup,I am looking for setting up some data entry fields to enter Purchasing & Logistics information.Hope I can achieve this using APEX !

      Look forward for the appropriate response.

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          YES.. Since APEX LIVES in the database and Reads/Writes data to the tables in the database schema you are wanting to work with it can do this. You can also link other schema's into the workspace your application lives/works in..

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            Thanks & Appreciate your Quick response.

            Glad that I can use the existing Oracle db schema with APEX.I am not sure if there is any information as how I can connect or link my production schema to the APEX ! I was able to import .csv files & use XL data to create some test databases & play with APEX..but,I did try to go thru most of the instructions & guides to find how to use the production oracle tables,but,could not find anything particular...Please send me a link or material info.

            I suppose I can then use which ever attribute or table data that is required to build the queries ! I am planning to use the production data to build the ordering & logistics application using APEX.Assume I can create new fields & columns for parts that will be ordered & capture/record the purchasing information like Purchase order numbers/Supplier Info/Target Delivery dates etc...

            - Am on very tight schedules to get this application up & running ! Is there any support team or a technical support team that I can call upon if I need any help ?