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    AutoVue Desktop Deployment

      I am trying the new AutoVue Desktop Deployment and I have a couple of questions.

      1. When I use the application VBExample.exe I get a connection error. Could not initialize socket on localhost:5099;.......
      Please tell me what I need to do. I also put in what I think is the appropriate code to do in in my application and I get the same error.

      ax.setFile("upload://" + txtURL)

      2. If I try to run autovue.exe from the C:\oracle\AutoVue Desktop Deployment\bin I cannot open any drawing files I get unsupported file format. Additionally, in the about screen it shows Oracle AutoVue Office 20.1.0.

      Thanks for your help!!!
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          Hi Paul,

          For issue #1, it seems your Desktop Deployment is not installed properly. The log file located in <AutoVue Desktop Deployment installation dir>\bin\Logs should contain the error in more details. I would suggest re-install Desktop Deployment to see if the problem still occur.

          Regarding your code, after ax.initActiveX() is called, you need to wait for the doneInit event that signals the ActiveX is completed initialization, and only then you can call the setFile method

          For issue #2, i am not sure which flavor of the product you have (AutoVue Office, 2D Pro, etc.) Each flavor support different set of file formats so please make sure the file you are viewing is indeed supported by your product flavour.