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    Avitrust sample?

    Bijesh Krishnadas
      Hello folks,

      Is the AviTrust sample for PS3 available for download somewhere other than downloading the massive virtualbox image? If not, can someone who already has the vbox image upload it somewhere for me?

      My Internet connection is very flaky and I haven't seen the vbox download progress very well.

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          Yannick Ongena
          The problem with the AviTrust demo is that is also requires some additional objects in the UCM server so you wont be able to run the application unless you have those objects. That's why it is included in the VM.
          Howver you can do the tutorial found at following link: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E17904_01/webcenter.1111/e10273/toc.htm
          When you do this tutorial, you will have a full working application.
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            Bijesh Krishnadas
            Hi Yannick,

            I don't really want to run the demo, just do a code walk-through of sorts. So, just the JDev workspace should suffice for me.