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    Add DFF to Employee Self Service

      Hello All. Can anyone out there help me with adding a DFF to my Employee Self Service pages. I have used Personlizations to render different field true or false, but I need to add a checkbox to ESS but do not see it when I go to the personlization pages.
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          Srini Chavali-Oracle
          Pl identify OS, database EBS versions.

          Pl see if MOS Doc 454408.1 (How To Setup Descriptive Flexfields In Self Service? Can DFF Be Created If They Are Not Listed Under About This Page?) can help

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            Duncan Casemore
            You can often achieve this by following these steps:

            1) Get the DFF value to return Yes/No (I think it needs to be Y/N not TRUE/FALSE but not sure on this)
            2) Hide the DFF attribute in the SSHR page through Personalization (eg, if you want to hide Attribute2 it would be something like XXCUS_DFF_STRUCTRE|Attribute1|Attribute3)
            3) Create a new item of type Checkbox via personalization
            4) Ensure that the new item maps to the VO instance and VO attribute of your DFF (eg, Attribute2)