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    Reg: Price Tolerance in PO

      Hi all,

      Price tolerance setup was done in PO setup with corresponding values as below

      1. Price change Allowance -'15%'
      2. Enforce Price change allowance was checked ie'Y'

      While auto creating requisition to PO , i am changing the price of item more than 15%(change price to Rs.116 when requistion item price is Rs.100). At this time its throwing an warning and not allowing to proceed further.

      I am doing another scenario, ie.
      While auto creating Requisition to PO, I am changing quanity and price of the item. Its also more than price tolerance value (ie changed price is 200 (qty -2) and requistion item price is Rs.100 (qty -1)). At this time is allowing me for an approval and proceed further.

      Help me on this issue.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi Sandy,
          System is allowing you to do 2nd scenario as you are changing the Price which is below 15% of tolerance level, Item Price is 100.. System does not (calculate Qty * Price) to check the tolerance.. This is a standard functionality.

          If you look into the setup i.e.

          *1. Price change Allowance : '15%'*
          *2. Enforce Price change allowance was checked ie'Y'*

          Above setup only speak about price Price change tolerance level only.

          Your scenario-1 is workig as expected as Price is 1% (Rs.116/-) higher than the tolerance level and system is throwing warnings.

          Kind Regards,
          S.P DASH
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            Hi Dash,

            Thanks for the information. Really it clarified me....

            Like price tolerance, any setup is there to restrict PO qty change. eg Requisition qty was 2 and auto creating to PO, at that time user can allow change the PO qty upto certain level. If he exceeds that level PO should to go further.

            Like same Price tolerance functionality. Anything available for Qty ????

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              Hi Sandy,
              I am not sure if such functionality is there for qty.. Buyer still have a privilage to change the qty of PO to say 10 even if Req. qty is 2. System won't stop you in doing so.

              We have Tolerance etup for Price in % and amount (Purchasing Option) and Over Receipt (Receiving Option) but no such setup available for Quantity which will restrict you while creating a PO of higher qty than a requisition.

              Kind Regards,
              S.P DASH
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