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    Calling webservice after changing user password using JMX APIs Issue! Help

      Hi All

      We have a client requirement to schedule an application which changes password for a remote weblogic user using JMX APIs and then call an email service deployed on the remote server to send email notification. This application is scheduled using quartz and is running on a local weblogic server (there are two domains involved)

      The problem i am facing is that quartz initiates a thread to execute this JOB, which changes the password successfully. After closing the JMXConnector, i try to execute the web service call and i get the below error (even though i closed the connection) <SendEmailNotification Error: [Security:090398]Invalid Subject: principals=[SOAAdmin, Administrators]> . SOAAdmin is an admin user on the remote weblogic server using which i am changing some users's password.

      Why is this happening? why is the SOAAdmin still a part of the call even after the connection is closed. Please help. In the local server logs also, i can see after establishing the connection, the anonymous user changes to SOAAdmin.

      ####<May 6, 2011 5:15:00 PM IST> <Info> <> <CHDSEZ116649D> <AdminServer> <RSESScheduler_Worker-1> <<anonymous>> <> <13f0c3710a239c17:-6e4d09cd:12fc4d066c5:-7ffe-000000000000006d> <1304682300618> <BEA-000000> <In RSESUtility - UtilityService SendEmail Call Successfull>
      ####<May 6, 2011 5:16:00 PM IST> <Info> <> <CHDSEZ116649D> <AdminServer> <RSESScheduler_Worker-2> <SOAAdmin> <> <13f0c3710a239c17:-6e4d09cd:12fc4d066c5:-7ffe-000000000000006d> <1304682360005> <BEA-000000> <In RSESModifyCredentialsJob - getting username and passwords from credential store, before setting the new password >
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          I am facing the same problem. The security exception occurs when I try to get a connection from a local connection pool. At that moment, he tries to get that connection using the remote Subject that was used to access the remote MBeans. Of course, that Subject is not valid in the local domain and this fails. Did you find a solution to this problem ?
          I am thinking about changing the current subject after the JMX calls but I wonder why it was changed in the first place...