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    Admin object configuration


      One of our Resource Adapters we develop introduces admin objects to allow configuration of certain resources by a user of the Resourece Adapter, much in line with Queus and Topics for JMS RA. When I use this Resource Adapter on weblogic, I noticed that adding an admin object using the console isn't enough, I need to use a deployment plan to add the new created admin object to the weblogic-ra.xml (and need to restart the instances in some case).

      I was wondering(hoping) whether I overlook something, isn't there an easier way?

      Is there a reason why the admin object instance configuration is stored on resource adapter deployment descriptor level? To me the admin object instance is an application level concept, a JNDI reference to a resource to allow application to refere to a resource by means of a handle instead of hard coded configuration as with queus for JMS? The Resource Adapter merely introduces the type of the admin object.

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          when define new admin object instance using Console, Console will automatically generate deployment plan for you. you need not manually manage the plan.
          The reason behind all these is that resource adapter is managed as an application on WLS.