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    Arabic script integration into UPK simulations

      A few questions on whether Arabic text integration/import* is possible in UPK:

      1. Does UPK allow integration of text in languages that it does not provide translation support for, such as Arabic?
      2. How can Arabic text integration into the Show Me, Try Me, Test Me scripts be performed?
      a. Is this a manual process, where the text will need to be copied and pasted into individual callouts/text boxes?
      b. Is it automated in UPK? If yes, what are the steps to import a translated Show Me job aid in Arabic into the simulation?
      3. What additional character/font plug-ins would be required for this? If yes, where are these plug-ins available?
      4. Any specific formatting/publishing requirements to be kept in mind for getting the best possible player and job aid output in Arabic?

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          Marc Santosusso

          Please contact Support to ensure you get the most accurate and up to date information. http://support.oracle.com/

          1. Yes, UPK supports languages other than the 21 languages provided with the software. Arabic has not been tested with the current release of UPK.
          2. I'm not aware of any known issues with Arabic and bubble text.
          a. Since we've not done testing with Arabic, I do not know of any issues with typing directly in the bubble.
          b. I do not know of any reason why the localization tools in UPK would not work. (Template Editor, Export for Localization, Re-Record topic)
          3. Arabic has not been tested, so I cannot comment on font or character requirements or best practices.
          4. Same as previous.

          Best regards,
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            Thanks. I'll explore the UPK localization tools to get more info.
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              Hi All

              I head the UPK services dept. at my company and we are the local UPK reseller for Oracle. Since Arabic and Hebrew have the same issue with almost every software integration we got the approval of the local branch to preform customizations and create our own versions for "Right to Left" hebrew/semite supported "publish styles" in upk.

              This is abit tricky but basically what we have done is manipulate various files in the Player, LMS Package and, STP (till version 3.6.1, currently working on V.4) that have delt with both general direction (dir="rtl") and automated text alignment to the right. thus making UPK integratable for any "RTL" language.

              will be happy to provide more details if you wish.

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                could you please guide me how to use the "RTL" function in the UPK or provide me with more details regarding the LMS Package that you were talking about. I am using UPK 3.6.1 and I am trying to figure out how to get an Arabic output. Thanks in advance

                Ahmed Ismail