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    oo4o ofr 64 bit 11g client on windows 7


      can anyone tell the path from where I can download oo4o component for oracle 11g client installed on Windows 7 64 bit OS?

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          gdarling - oracle

          There is no 64 bit OO4O port, nor any plans to make one.

          Additionally, it is not supported to use 32 bit OO4O on a 64 bit OS, although it seems to work.

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            If 0040 is not available for 64bit, is there an equivalent or replacement that can be cut pasted into an existing old VB6 app and re-compiled?
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              As mentioned, it does work if you install the 32 bit ODAC, but I found the most recent installer doesn't register OO4O properly. So if you go here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/windows/downloads/utilsoft-087491.html

              Download the Universal Installer version of (third download on the page), you should find that you can make OO4O work in 32 bit apps again. For now, at least. Sooner or later you're going to need to migrate away from it.
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                I currently have a VB6 application using OO4O (oip10.tlb/dll). Our company is moving to x64 Windows 7. My application is not compatible with the version of Oracle (10.2) being installed on the Windows 7 boxes.

                What are potential workarounds for this situation?

                I find it rather frustrating that I build an application to use Oracle functionality that is later (now) being dropped... but it is what it is.

                If I'm to move to something other than OO4O, what is the best choice?

                Assuming it's a different VB6 project reference and the connection object can be used the same way programmatically, it shouldn't be too hard... but if I have to reword all my queries and Oracle procedure calls... it's going to be ugly.

                Please advise. I'm kind of in a real bind here.
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                  Hello JDawg,

                  As you can see in earlier threads OO4O is not supported on 64 bit windows. Which means either a migration to another interface
                  or to remain on an unsupported configuration.

                  The migration option for OO4O is ODP.net - it would involve quite a bit of code change as ODP.net is considerably different to OO4O.

                  Another alternative is OraOLEDB that would be slightly closer to OO4O if you for example use an interface like ADO.

                  Hope that helps