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    Update triple - sem_apis.delete_triples API

      I'm using RDF with OLS - Resource-Level Security (I know that it is deprecated, but I do it for my school project). I create policy and I can insert triples, everything works fine. But I'm not able to update or delete rows in my application table, I got this error:

      SQL Error: ORA-20000: If RDF OLS is enabled, all users except DBA must invoke sem_apis.delete_triples API to delete triples from model!

      But where is method delete_triples? I didn't find it in SEM_APIS Package Subprograms docummentation and Google says nothing. Or is there any other way how to update/delete triples without DBA role?

      Maybe my way is bad. I insert triple like this:
      INSERT INTO rdfadmin.model_tpl VALUES (

      My update statement:
      update rdfadmin.model_tpl am
      set am.triple=sdo_rdf_triple_s('modelvse','http://www.example.org/family/Pete',am.triple.get_property(),am.triple.get_obj_value())
      where am.triple.get_subject()='http://www.example.org/family/John' or

      My delete statement:
      DELETE FROM rdfadmin.model_tpl am WHERE