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    VueLink failed to save markup in UCM

      I have N implementation where Oracle UCM is integrated with autovue using vuelink. when I open any content that is saved in the Content Server via autovue it runs successfully.
      but when I add any markup to that content I am not able to save it to the UCM. the error displayed is:

      failed to save. Content Item 'Markup_<ID>' was not successfully checked in. user 'weblogic' does not have sufficient privileges.
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          Graham Mckendry-Oracle
          Hi "857552",

          Others from the Oracle team can chime in in case I'm wrong, although I think one way to resolve this is to add the Admin role for the particular user account. There's an Oracle KM Note 1326009.1 that covers the exact same topic, and lists the following steps to resolve:

          1. Log in to UCM with an Administrator Account.
          2. Select the Administration link then go to Admin Applet.
          3. On the Admin Applet page select User Admin.
          4. Select by highlighting the user you want to assign the admin role to.
          5. Select Security then Permissions by Role.
          6. Grant the admin role to the user.