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    Netbeans 7 modules system

    Hugo Tigre

      I started a new "netbeans platform application" on the new Netbeans 7 and having a little strange problem:

      1. created a new netbeans platform application
      2. created the first module
      3. create an "installer" class
      4. on the installer class override the restored method

      The problem is with the override restored method, I can't output messages, for example:

      public void restored(){
      System.out.println("test 123");

      the code above doesn't output the message, witch means i can't output error messages.

      I think everything is ok with the manifest and project file. i done the exact same thing with netbeans 6 and it works without any problems

      I also tried both jdk 6 and 7 (early release).

      Can't find anything about this on the net.

      Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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          Perhaps the Netbeans community is a better place to scout around for answers? Chances are slim you'll get an answer in a generic java programming forum, unless someone just happens to have done the same thing as you.


          That being said, are you sure that the restored method is even being called? It seems like something that would be invoked if you minimize and then restore the application window.
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            Hugo Tigre

            Yes, I'm sure the method is being called and the method is called when the module is started.

            Thanks anyway for the tip, i'll try the netbeans community.