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    HFM Journal Security

      Hello -

      We are requiring users to create all journals as type = Regular (ie - NO auto-reversing) and Balance Type = Balanced (NO unbalanced, NO balanced by entity). We have tried implementing controls, requiring reviews, running reports filtered on these items, but of course someone got a journal through that didn't meet requirements. Is there a way through security, rules, etc that I can cause the system to disallow these other choices so that users are forced to create journals as regular, balanced?

      Thanks so much for your help!
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          HFM questions will generally get more answers in the HFM forum - please consider using that forum for future HFM questions.

          Shared services allows you to prevent unbalanced journals but does not prevent creating auto reversing or templates. You could prevent the users from posting the journals until they are approved by a separate user as a potential process control.