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    Can't build a template


      I've installed the OVAB service, and connected it to my VM server pool. However when I try to create a new template, under the 'Catalog' drop-down menu the 'Build Template' options is greyed out.

      I've got the relevent modify JEOS RPM's installed if this helps.


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          As far as i know, u can only build template after doing introspection. Here first you need to intropsect weblogic server or oracle http server or oracle database.
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            Shail Goel-Oracle
            As this other user correctly said, in order for you to build templates you have to first create an appliance. You create appliance by introspecting your existing reference installation of a product.

            If you haven't already, I would suggest to you to take a look at Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder User's Guide, mainly section 1.1.7 Using Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder here: