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    How much memory is too much for application servers?

      I am trying to size an installation which currently has about 400 named users of which we get about 100-200 concurrently at peak times. The majority of usage is Essbase through SmartView. We also have 3 Planning apps now with about 20-50 users each. An HFM application is currently under construction.

      On the hardware side, we have 5 app servers with 4 processors and 8GB or RAM but based on some testing in DEV, we felt that 8 GB was too light. We are running Weblogic plus these programs:

      Server 1 - Foundation Services, EPM Architect/DS/Web tier
      Server 2&3 (Load Balanced) - Provider Services, FR Print Server, FR App Web, R&A Framework, WebAnalysys (WebAnalysis has almost no usage currently)
      Server 4 - EAS, CalcManager, Planning Web,RMI Registry
      Server 5 - HFM App, HFM Web

      At first we were going to upgrade to 16 GB but thought that we might as go to 32 if we can gain any benefit now or "futurize" increased demand or future app requirements. Memory is relatively cheap.

      Is this overkill? The HFM server could probably use the extra memory at some point. What about the others? Also, any thought would be welcomed on the distribution of the apps across the servers.

      Our 2 Essbase servers are 24 processors by 32 GB RAM so we should have no problems there.