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    Accrual Reconcilliation Report


      I created a PO & done the invoicing without receiving. Done with validation of Invoice & Accounting also, but still my PO is not coming on ARR report after rebuilding it.

      Any suggestions/ pointers that I can look into.

      Thanks in advance to all.

      Sachin Ahuja
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          Hi Sachin,
          Item in the PO is an Inventory Item or an expense Item? Could you please check the purchasing Option setup for the OU you are trying to generate Accrual Reconcilation Report.

          Look for the setups against RECEIPT ACCOUNTING of Purchasing Option :

          a) Accure Expense Items : Period End/ At Receipt --> If your PO is for an expense Item then Accrual will be generated after the period end.

          b) Accure Inventory Items : At Receipt (always) --> We believe your PO contains an Inventory Item, since you bypassed the receiving before creating the Invoice, PO is not getting reflected in your APR report. Do a receiving and try again.

          Kind Regards,
          S.P DASH