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    Data being replaced instead of being merged.

      We had uploaded data in Essbase through FDM. A few accounts needed adjustments after the data was loaded. We prepared a sheet of all the relevant adjustments (additions or deletions required in the relevant data) to be uploaded through FDM.

      We selected "Merge" instead of "Replace" while uploading the adjustment sheet.

      FDM replaced the adjustment sheet data with the origional data, instead of adding / merging it.

      Please tell me if there are any other settings that need to be modified for this purpose.
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          Replace runs a clear script which will clear out the data before loading your FDM data. Merge doesn't run this but will overwrite the data in the intersections you target, so you are seeing the correct behaviour. It does not accumulate values. You have 2 options.
          1)Append your adjustment file at the import stage to the original load file and reprocess the full dataset including adjustments FDM will perform the aggregetion before loading the correct adjusted value. Use 'Replace' load with this method
          2)Supply the adjusted total not the adjustment as the data in your load file and load with Merge.

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            Okay. Can you please tell me which data does the Replace option clear, i.e. the data appearing in the accounts being loaded or all the data of the planning units of which the data is being loaded?

            Secondly, is there any+ option to add adjustments using FDM rather than amending the source file.

            Your response is much appreciated.

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              Basically replace option clears ->All the data in combinations across the members being loaded to Dimension members present in your file for Dimensions: Entity, Year, Period and Category(Scenario).

              Precisely you can check this in FDM's Action scripts.

              You can change the way Replace option works.

              You can do it by changing the Action scripts for Load event.
              There you can find and also can alter the Dimension combinations to be cleared on Target system for Replace, Merge, etc. options.

              This is mostly helpful whenever you have custom dimensions and you have to use custom clear command.

              And No, There is no way around as you have to load the adjustments in FDM and export it with append.

              Hope this gices a much better clearity.


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