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    Multi-Threading Forms - AQ integration

      So the new thread.
      Grant,I'am glad to know that Forms Product Team looks to AQ integration as a feature.
      I just want to explain a litle bit more about my request.
      Todays, we talk more and more about integration, loosely coupled applications, bpm and so one but..
      And now the question is what technology should my application use because we are in front of such questions of integration.
      Forms is the choice me made and no regrets on that!
      It is powerful and easy to build applications whith.
      But we are at part 2 of rebuilding our applications and now the needs are changing: for example all users connected to forms may be involved in a workflow that display tasks and response and process from department A to B etc..
      Or an incomming call from customers in department A should warn department B and open the right form at the right moment.
      So how to achieve this whith keeping in mind that forms is the center application.
      I don't think I'am alone requiring an interactive forms and as a standard feature of the product.

      Thanks for your previously answer and we will take a look at AQ integration more deeply.