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    Sync issue With Android Simulator

      Hi All,

      I am trying to run the sample application in Android simulator and Sync it with Oracle Database lite Mobile Server 10g.

      I am trying the Android Sample application given in the Mobile development Kit(MDK).

      After several try it is showing Sync Successfully message in the simulator.
      But *.db file and SQLite_db* are not creating in Android simulator folders.

      As per the document SQLite_db folder should be created. But that is not creating for me.

      I have not done anything to publish the applicaiton and other process in server side.

      Do I want to complete some more steps in Server Side ? Please anyone help me.

      And i have read in some other post about applieing latest patches. Plz give me some idea what patches i need to apply and where i will get it ?

      If anyone can explain what all are the things i need to do in server side and client side to Sync successfully, it is more helpful for me.

      Thanks ..................