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    Sync issue With Android Simulator

      Hi All,

      I am trying to run the sample application in Android simulator and Sync it with Oracle Database lite Mobile Server 10g.

      I am trying the Android Sample application given in the Mobile development Kit(MDK).

      After several try it is showing Sync Successfully message in the simulator.
      But *.db file and SQLite_db* are not creating in Android simulator folders.

      As per the document SQLite_db folder should be created. But that is not creating for me.

      I have not done anything to publish the applicaiton and other process in server side.

      Do I want to complete some more steps in Server Side ? Please anyone help me.

      And i have read in some other post about applieing latest patches. Plz give me some idea what patches i need to apply and where i will get it ?

      If anyone can explain what all are the things i need to do in server side and client side to Sync successfully, it is more helpful for me.

      Thanks ..................
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          When you installed the Mobile Server did you install the sample applications?

          If not you can follow the link here to optionally install the sample applications after installing
          the Mobile Server.


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            Another item to check in WebToGo is that user June ( that is the user you said you used) has access to the sample applications (if installed). I just gave user JUNE access to one of my own Android publications and also Branch Office Manager and the database file was created in the Android Emulator after running the sync application.

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              Hi All,

              Thanks for your reply.....

              Now i am able to download the databse from server.

              I published one application and created new user myself and it is working fine.
              sqlite database is created successfully.

              But still i m facing some problem. Most of the time it is showing HTTPError. And changes are not sync in both ways.

              I have strong doubt, Oracle Lite version is not stable for Android ?

              If anyone implemented Olite for Adroid successfully, please reply.........

              Thanks for your help...............
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                Have you tried using the actual IP address instead of the Domain Name? The errors might indicate that the Android emulator is
                not able to consistantly use a DNS server.

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                  Hi there,

                  Are you talking really for Oracle Lite on Android, or you simply mix the names Oracle Lite and SQLite ?
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                    for installing oracle database mobile server which other soft is needed before installing mobile server
                    please tell me installation process for oracle data base server.in documentation there is not clear.