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    Dynamically refresh to report regions

      I have a page with multiple regions. Two of the regions are report regions that I want to refresh dynamically. I am using 4.0. I created a dynamic action that fires based on an item's value changing. It contains two actions, a 'Refresh' action for each region. Only one region will refresh. If I put an 'Alert' action between the two 'Refresh' actions, then both regions will be refreshed. I have tried to do this multiple ways, such as using the $a_report() function from within my page level javascript. Results are the same. I can get one region to refresh, but not two. Any ideas or suggestions on why I can not refresh multiple regions?
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          Is your report dependent on any other page item? Try looking at refresh output using firebug console. If your report is dependent on any page item, you have to set the session state of the item before refreshing the page. I have put an example to refresh two report regions after you change the select list and hit the report button.

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            Thanks for your reply. I tried what you said and still no luck. I then created a new page with two simple regions, a select list, and a button to trigger the refresh. I wanted it be stripped of any other items or code and I used your javascript. It still only refreshes one region. I am requesting space on the Oracle site and will create my test there. Maybe there is a bug in the version we have installed. Our version is
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              V Rickert


              How do I access your code behind the examples you provide?