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    Stop-S/M not working on new sun ray 3i

      Got a sunray for at home and when I power up and have ethernet connected, it always goes to code 22B. I am trying to configure the VPN, but I can't get the pop up GUI to show up when I type stop-S or stop-M. Stop-V works fine, Stop-A does what it should, so should I assume the sun ray wasn't configured properly to allow pop ups? Anyone know how to solve or get around this problem?
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          do you have the firmware with GUI, if you do stop-v ? If not, ask your admin what

          bash-3.00# utadm -l
          LAN connections: On
          NewTver= GUI4.2_140993-07_2010.

          delivers. If it is 4.2... without GUI, you didn't receive the GUI enabled firmware, which means go back to your company and run something like

          utfwload ... what firmeware is distributed

          utfwadm -A -a -N Your_Network -f /opt/SUNWut/lib/firmware_gui instead of utfwadm -A -a -N Your_Network -f /opt/SUNWut/lib/firmware (note the without _gui). This changes the firmware on all boxes, when the restart the next time.

          If its only for your box, then it would be something like

          utfwadm -A -e MAC-Address -f /opt/SUNWut/lib/firmware_gui

          just some hints, thomas
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            @ O.P.,
            Is this actually an Oracle-internal employee device, issued to you so that you can telecommute?

            If "yes", then these forums are absolutely the wrong place to ask your question.
            You would need to go back to your department manager and get help back at the office.