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    Oracle Studio 12.2 will not install

      I installed x86 Live Oracle Solaris 11 on my machine. When I execute the "./SolarisStudio12.2-OS-platform-pkg-ML.sh " GUI ( as described in the Installation Manual) command the installer responds with a message that I must use the IPS installer. What a mess Oracle has made of this situation. I did have Sun Studio 12.1 running on Open Solaris. I can't get that back now. I should have known better than to expect Oracle would have a solid release.
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          Chris Quenelle-Oracle
          The download page for Solaris Studio is here:
          Unfortunately, it doesn't describe what to do for Solaris 11.
          We're working on making the Studio software available in IPS, but until then, you'll
          need to use the tarball format to install the software on Solaris 11.

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            I'd like to add that when Studio 12.2 was released, Solaris 11 was still using SysV packages. Solaris 11 recently switched to using IPS instead.