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    positive referrals

      I am interested in a comparison chart of similar products in the audit vault space. Can someone help find one.

      I have been trying to install this damn software past one week on HP-UX. Unsuccessful thus far. But looking at the product manual I am just not convinced this even qualifies as a product. Installation requirements dwarf the tiny set of useless features it offers.

      We need to start supporting PCI compliance and monitor our database systems. You would make my day by recommending a right software.

      Is anyone really using this funny oracle audit software out there. I will be surprised.
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          emre baransel
          It also took my one week when i first installed audit vault 2 years ago with 10g. It was also on hp-ux and i prepared a doc. to describe installation&configuration steps. Maybe it can help you if you couldn't find an alternative & decided to use AV.